This is an aggressive outbound marketing strategy focused on proactive lead generation. This is for businesses that are sick & tired of “waiting” for leads to trickle into their inbox. This is for business owners, marketing and sales experts looking to proactively accelerate their lead generation and rapidly fill their pipeline. 

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In 2019 we embarked on a life or death mission to build the BEST cold calling scripts for our clients. We knew that the right scripts can make or break a sale. Our journey demanded 1.3 million phone calls to discover the most precise placement of words. We studied 250 years worth of underground Science, Psychology, Sales and Marketing tactics.

Finally after the 1.3 million calls, awkward conversations (for sake of sticking to the script) plenty of late nights, and many coffees later, we had finally arrived at our destination. 16 precisely crafted scripts that converted more leads, into more Sales! And “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” So, we made the decision to share ALL of this HARD work with you. Please use these Scripts Carefully…


“They stand out because of their transparency…”

1. Prospecting

We source/prospect data that perfectly fits your companies targeting mould. Using our Insil® database we can source extremely accurate data, including decision maker names, and mobile numbers for B2B & B2C campaigns.

2. Initial contact

First impressions are Important! Our skilled sales team uses this stage to swiftly bypass gate keepers and lock in appointments, donations and sales using our quick-set Insil® sales strategy.

3. Follow up/Handover

This is the exciting part! We get to handover our cured warm leads to you and your sales team to follow up and close, this includes all of the call notes and contact information.

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1000 Contacts

2000 Contacts

Pay Per Lead

100% transparency

Watch everything our telemarketing team does in realtime with our dashboard (Pictured on the left) to provide realtime feedback and monitor the downpour of leads.


We focus on Quality NOT Quantity. Our Telemarketing team is extremely skilled and capable of delivering a HUGE amount of leads in a short period of time. This is not some get rich scheme, our agents soar through the rejection to GROW your Business. Before getting started It’s vital that you have the available resources to deal with a Colossal flood of leads NOW!

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