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Campaign Questionnaire

Please complete the below Campaign Questionnaire:


What Happens Next?

1. Prepare Campaign Brief

Now that we’ve got your responses to our questions we’ll begin preparing your custom campaign brief. This will include the campaign plans, targeting, scripts, timeline and so on. Once this has been prepared we’ll send you a copy to approve or disapprove. Any changes required will occur at this stage.  

2. Team Training

Wahoo! The campaign Brief has been approve and now we can train our Expert Sales Team on your companies ins & outs. Depending on wether or not you’ve elected to take part in the training, we’ll take the reins from here! You sit back and relax.  

3. Data Preparation

Standby, we’re preparing your database so that we can get you the best possible result. This includes sourcing the right data, checking for duplicates, uploading data to our system and adding you to our dashboard. 

4. Begin & Refine

Okay we’ve got everything ready! The final changes have been made, data uploaded, team trained and you’ve given us the go ahead. If you have any questions feel free to let us know. Now, keep an eye on your dashboard for incoming results…

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