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“This eBook is flawless! It’s been an absolute game changer for our business, we got more leads with more interest!”

- John Freedman

“The key take out from this eBook was the word placement, GENIUS! When we added the right energy the script worked extremely well!”

- Adam Worsam

“10/10 would recommend these scripts. We couldn’t afford a telemarketer, but this is as close to their performance as we are gonna get!”

- Anonymous

This Will Only Work For...

Businesses that are willing to receive a rush of steaming hot leads, using a tried and tested scientific approach to lead generation. Which incorporates the learnings from over 1.3 million cold calls and over 250 years of secret sales and marketing tactics. 


Quantum Leap Script

(High Conversion Scripts)

We will show you the Scripts that have worked in the Cleaning industry. These scripts have been curated by over 1.3 million, revenue dripping cold calls, and 250 years of secretive sales and marketing tactics (Covered up by Fortune 500 companies, to guarantee their success).

Industry Database Search

7.76 Million Businesses...

A deep dive database search that will highlight your warmest prospect that can at this very point in time be contacted…

p.s we have over 7.8 million companies (and counting) (Maybe this should flash)


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Campaign Performance Estimator


A precise estimation of the results that you can get using our quantum scripts, industry database search and pre-historic analytical data from over 1.3 millions cold calls This will show you exactly how much revenue ($) you can make from a cold calling campaign. 

Hercules Growth Blueprint

The Hercules Growth Blueprint has been tested in the cold calling war, with over 1.3 million knee shaking calls. The battle hardened Blueprint includes over 250 years of sales & marketing tactics + the exact recipes to build an expert cold calling campaign. 


Case Study

"We coul not manage all the leads..."

Case Study

100+ steaming hot leads

Case Study

"It's crazy, We are paying 80% less per lead..."

Case Study

"We we're flooded with leads..."

Case Study

"The best decision we ever made!"

Case Study

68 Appraisals and counting...

Case Study

A 90% Increase in Franchise Leads

Case Study

The Controversial 16x ROI Influencer Campaign

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