Influencer Marketing

The ability to deliver highly targeted content to an audience that has demonstrated engagement, intent and an unnerving appetite for more “influencer marketing.” This new modern approach to marketing tends to deliver un-worldly results!

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influencer marketing example




influencer marketing example

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The Controversial 16x ROI Influencer Campaign



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Our process

01. Source Talent

We start by sourcing the right talent (Actors, Models, Bloggers, etc..) that align with your brand and objectives. We have over 1000+ influencers available throughout Australia and New Zealand, ranging from 5000 – 3.2 Million followers.

  • Followers
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Country
  • Clothing Sizes

02. Create Assets

Once we’ve sourced the right talent we work collaboratively with you and your selected influencer’s to create the best assets. This can be, videos, photos, blog posts etc.. 

03. Launch Campaign

This is the exciting part!

In line with your overarching content strategy we launch your influencer campaign. Depending on the goal this could be publishing talent generated blog posts or the public release of a set of social media posts, videos and photos.

04. Measure Results

This is the most crucial step to the campaign! Ensuring we have the right digital data allows us to evaluate the results from the campaign. This allows us to determine the ROI (return on investment)


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