This Is EXACTLY What ALL Businesses Should Be Doing During COVID-19!

Over 678+ Atendees...

In this WEBINAR Million Dollar Principle Daniel Hayes & Tate Zanner Head of Growth at Insil pull back the curtains to expose the reality of HealthWealth & Happiness during COVID-19.

This Webinar Will Go Over:

  • The MASSIVE impact COVID-19 Is having on businesses around Australia

  • The EXACT Activities & decisions million dollar agents are making to survive COVID-19

  • What are the NEW Realities in the sales & property management departments?

  • Is VR & virtual tours The new way forward?

Tate Zanner

Founder & Head of Growth: Insil

Daniel Hayes

Director: Hayes Winckle aka "The Million Dollar Bogan"


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Over 678+ People Joined To Watch This Recessions Response Session Filmed On Thursday 7th May, 2020

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