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- John Freedman

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- Adam Worsam

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Attention: Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketing and Sales Professionals…

Here's What We've Learned (New Research):

The Single Biggest Secret To Selling MORE Over The Phone

Without Spending Another Cent ($)

Over the past year we’ve run 1000’s of split tests to figure out which scripts work for almost every situation you can dream of.

As the founder of Insil I’ve had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of 1.3 million cold calls. To figure out what makes people buy more, sign up without hesitation and beg our clients again, and again for their products or services.

My name is Tate Zanner and I’m a part of an underground group of cold calling nerds obsessed with conversion psychology.

For the past few years I, along with my team of expert sales people, have been ferociously studying the ins and outs of cold calling. Trying to work out how to trigger a buying frenzy.

You’ve probably seen this before, right?

Your competitors are sold out, booked out, or have no more stock… You can’t believe it! Your product or service is definitely better, it has more features and costs half the price. But somehow your competitor always seems to have an edge on you…

  • Are they spending more on advertising?
  • Do they know something that you don’t
  • Are they cheating?

You are probably wondering; “How is it possible that I am not dominating my industry?”. I work harder and have less to show for it. I hire more sales people that have years of experience and yet, somehow, I still feel like my competitors are winning. 

Inside this eBook I’ll share with you the difference between winning & losing. The secrets that your competitors do NOT want you to know!

Here's What You Will Get:

Over the past year we’ve run 1000’s of split tests to figure out which scripts work for almost every situation you can dream of.

These scripts have been hand crafted from over 250 years of back breaking scientific and psychological research. Each and every word has been specially placed in its exact position to unconsciously win over more buyers and generate more sales for you.



In 2019 we embarked on a life or death mission to build the BEST cold calling scripts for our clients. We knew that the right scripts can make or break a sale. Our journey required 1.3 million phone calls to discover the most precise placement of words. We studied 250 years worth of underground Science, Psychology, Sales and Marketing tactics.

Finally after the 1.3 million calls, awkward conversations (for sake of sticking to the script) plenty of late nights, and many coffees later, we had finally arrived at our destination. 16 precisely crafted scripts that converted more leads, into more Sales! And “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” So, we made the decision to share ALL of this HARD work with you. Please use these Scripts Carefully…

Limited Release

We will ONLY release a limited number of this eBook at a time so that you can quickly Dominate your industry. Your competitors will watch on in awe, and may even attempt to spy on your performance or steal these scripts. Please carefully guard these scripts!

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