Acai Brothers

A 90% Increase in Franchise Leads Quarter over Quarter.

Acai Brothers are Australia’s leading Superfood Bar franchise and have become internationally recognised for their innovation within the hospitality realm. Specialising in Acai Bowls, Smoothies, Juices, Coffee and more, Acai Brothers have become widely renowned for creating delicious and affordable healthy food options.

Despite the name, Acai Brothers was in fact the brain-child of two best mates, Ben Day and Sam Carson. After opening and  operating their first store in 2014, the boys have now grown their brand to over 20 stores nationally. Grounded within health and fitness, Ben and Sam were motivated to create a brand that not only supplied their customers with a healthy way to eat out, but one that encompassed and embodied important qualities such as community, lifestyle and fitness.

Known for their cheeky and innovative marketing techniques, Acai Brothers have become dominant contenders within their industry. With plans to expand into the international market in 2019, it’s safe to say the boys don’t plan to slow down any time soon.

The Objective

The Acai Brother’s objectives are to improve their marketing performance by implementing a range of online & offline systems and processes to improve their overall marketing and sales performance.

Three Goals:

1. Improve the efficiency of their lead management & automation process.

2. Decrease their Digital Cost per Lead (CPL) to an efficient and predictable level.

3. Improve the social media on-boarding process for new Franchises.

The Solution

Our process begins with a range of in-depth on-site sessions, through which we analysed the Acai Brother’s historic analytical data, sales & marketing processes, current SEO, SEM and Social media marketing strategies. In completing the analysis we identified a range of components that could be improved and updated.

We developed three bespoke solutions for the Acai Brother’s. With a focus on their core objectives going into 2019, as well as any supplementary recommendation we had.

1. We worked closely with the Acai Brothers team to implement Active Campaign (CRM & Marketing automation software). We leveraged Active campaign to prepare and manage new leads and customer data by automatically classifying individuals into different targeted marketing campaigns, across social media, email and organic posting. The CRM setup now allows the team to clearly monitor their customer journey, from initial enquiry through to purchase or acquisition. The system also provides more complex analytical insights into their consumer behaviours. Access to consumer data within Active Campaign has improved digital targeting and decreased the requirement for repetitive manual tasks. 

2. Based on both the Acai Brother’s prehistoric analytical data and our award-winning social media marketing approach we implemented a strategy that has consistently reduced their cost per lead. In combination with an email automation flow developed through Active Campaign new leads are automatically imported and managed according to their intent. Regular meetings and virtual performance reviews ensure lead quality is maintained.

3. In collaboration with the Acai Brother’s team, we reviewed their franchise social media onboarding process. To re-develop the processes and accompanying formal documents that were required to re-align their internal systems with the current, regularly changing social media landscape.


Results With Insil

We recognise that every business has a unique set of requirements. Fundamentally all of our partners receive a bespoke, tailored experience that caters for the intricacies within their organisations. We utilise an in-depth analysis process to discover the frustrations our partners experience, to allow us to better align business objectives.

14% Decrease

In CPLV (Cost per Landing Page View) 

90% Increase

In MQL (Marketing qualified leads) quarter over quarter.


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