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The Nextup Vintage Story:

The journey of Nextup Vintage started in 2017, when I was going through my parents wardrobe and I came across a bunch of 90’s Adidas jackets

Thats where my passion grew for wearing vintage, early 2020 I was discussing with my family on potentially start up my own business.

Now uploading 25 products on a weekly basis with a great following on our social media platforms.

The Objective

The Nextup Vintage team had 2 objectives:


1. Prepare, strategise and aggressively launch their new eCommerce brand. 

2. Generate a positive ROI as soon as possible. To cover costs and drive ongoing sales. 

The Solution

Our process begins with a range of in-depth sessions, through which we analysed the Nextup Vintage analytical data, sales & marketing processes, stock levels, products, current SEO and Social media marketing strategies. In completing the analysis we identified a range of components that we would focus on to deliver a wildly successful launch.

1. We worked closely with the Nextup Vintage team to define their social media marketing funnel. This required extensive market research, through which we identified several key targeting parameters that we would test. Our 70/30 testing strategy allowed us to continually test these targeting parameters whilst ensuring the ads were providing a HIGH ROI. 

2. Based on our eCommerce experience and our social media marketing approach we implemented a strategy that has consistently increased revenue well above $10k/mo.

Results With Insil

We recognise that every business has a unique set of requirements. Fundamentally all of our partners receive a bespoke, tailored experience that caters for the intricacies within their organisations. We utilise an in-depth analysis process to discover the frustrations our partners experience, to allow us to better align business objectives.

2% Increase

Website Conversion Rate (%)


Revenue Increase

303% Up

Website Traffic (%)


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