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Toplife Fitness is an Australian Health and Fitness provider, offering mobile personal training and tailored fitness and nutrition services. They believe the relationship between a personal trainer and their client is so much more than just a business deal. They aim to develop lifelong friendships between clients and trainers! Toplife’s holistic approach to personal training means that they truly understand their clients’ ins & outs! Their three core elements help them to educate and build clients that don’t just love looking and feeling better, but that love living a significantly more active life!

Toplife Fitness 3 Core Elements




The Objective

The Toplife Fitness team was struggling with their social media advertising, and wanted to improve their lead generation.


1. Generate more leads through social media marketing.

The Solution

Our process begins with a range of in-depth sessions, through which we analysed Toplife Fitnesse’s  historic analytical data, sales & marketing processes, current SEO, SEM and Social media marketing strategies. In completing the analysis we identified a range of components that could be improved, updated and re-formulated to improve their performance.

We cooperatively developed and managed bespoke solutions for the Toplife Fitness team. With a focus on their outlined core objectives going into 2018 and subsequent years, as well as our supplementary recommendation.

1. The Toplife Fitness team wanted an agency that had a track record of producing great results for the health and fitness industry. We developed a unique social media strategy and managed their social media marketing to generate significant results, through Facebook™ and Instagram™ advertising. In conjunction with our social media advertising, we also developed an influencer marketing strategy, using local influencers to drive community engagement and deliver a solution that had more brand authenticity. We generated over 2327+ Leads for the Toplife Fitness team, of which they had an incredible conversion rate. 

Results With Insil

We recognise that every business has a unique set of requirements. Fundamentally all of our partners receive a bespoke, tailored experience that caters for the intricacies within their organisations. We utilise an in-depth analysis process to discover the frustrations our partners experience, to allow us to better align business objectives.


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