Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing Worth The Investment

Is PPC advertising worth the investment

Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing Worth The Investment

Today, more than 7 million advertisers invest over $10.1 billion just in PPC ads on an annual basis.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the embodiment of “you can’t make money without spending it first.” It is a way of utilising search engine advertising to generate traffic for your site, as opposed to getting clicks in an organic way.

Formstack labels PPC as one of the top three generators of on-page conversions. Online traffic funnelled through this form of marketing brings in almost 50% more leads and conversions than organic web leads.
The success of PPC is also because it only shows relevant customers your ads, and charges you for a specific action – which can be video views, impressions or even website engagement. It has all the potential for quickly becoming your most effective channel for customer acquisition.

Let us further explore why PPC is worth your time and money.

First Page Exposure

To be truly successful online, your website should rank on the very first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. People rarely click on results below the fifth suggestion, and even less internet users venture out to the second or third pages. Utilising PPC advertising allows you to pay for a paid placement within the top three websites of a search.

Immediate And Targeted Traffic

PPC marketing is the fastest way of directing traffic to your website, with results expected within an hour of ad publishing. In fact, 65% of clicks by customers who intend to purchase are directed by paid ads. PPC also increases the consistency of your traffic – drawing in prospects that have been actively searching for similar products and services you provide. By targeting keywords that your audience is using through PPC, there is a higher chance of pulling in qualified leads to your site. Overall, this is one of the best ways of marketing your business to your target audience, since paid ads are known to increase brand awareness by 80%.

Geographic Targeting

PPC advertising lets you choose the geographic area you want to target for your ads. This is particularly useful in driving local traffic towards your business, and targeting areas where most of your customers come from. Certain PPC engines, for e.g. Google Ads, even let you input the exact addresses, allowing you to target very specific locations which can lead to increased CTR.

So, Is PPC Worth It

The advantages of PPC are numerous; it can increase your traffic and flow of leads, and boost your sales and revenue. These factors have led to 40% of brands wanting to increase their PPC budgets in the near future. Moreover, the unique advantage of PPC is that ad networks typically place high quality ads at the top.

In other words, you don’t have to be the highest bidder to win this race, you just have to ensure that your ads are attractive, creative and engaging for users.Another important factor to highlight in PPC is its considerably high ROI. Once you take out time to measure the results of a well-crafted PPC campaign, you will observe that it is definitely worth your time and investment.

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