Top 3 Reasons Linkedin is best for B2b marketing

3 Reasons Linkedin is best for B2b marketing

Top 3 Reasons Linkedin is best for B2b marketing

Linkedin’s advertising platform has recently exploded in popularity, with many marketing professional seeking alternative PPC platforms in wake of the Facebook privacy issues. Linkedin’s advertising platform has hence become a driving force in developing Linkedin B2b marketing strategies.

The young platform boasts added security and privacy functionalities, which are becoming more popular amongst advertising professionals.

It’s becoming a more common place for companies that operate in the B2B marketplace to use Linkedin’s advertising platform as a means to reach their target audience, through sponsored content, Lead generation and Inmail campaigns, recently there’s even been a push to utilise Linkedin as part of an ABM campaign to better target top accounts associated with your b2b linkedin strategy.

Linkedin’s advertising platform has a similar operating algorithms to that of Facebook, and Google. Meaning the platform as a whole can often be complex and confusing to

1. Hyper specific – targeting

Every marketing professional understands the value of informed targeting.

Linkedin’s platform takes this a step further, by offering specific targeting options based on the inputs of platform users, for example Seniority based on Job function & Title. Linkedin gathers multiple user values and allows further targeting on data categories as specific as, Degrees, Field of study, Member age, and much more.

The platforms ability to attain user data voluntarily is undoubtedly its greatest asset. It’s imperative marketing professional understand how to Properly utilise this data, and develop strategic campaigns that most effectively use the targeting functionality.

2. Highest social platform conversion rate

A study conducted by Hubspot, a leading marketing automation & CRM platform identified Linkedin’s advertising platform as performing almost 3x better than other social platforms, when measured by visit to lead conversion rate, which more recently has drawn significant attention from marketers looking to improve their linkedin b2b marketing strategy.

Linkedin’s user base is predominantly looking for professional services, and thought leadership, both of which are common themes throughout the platform. Intuitive marketing geared towards producing informative content is the most effective way to generate quality leads.

For example: A Linkedin user that struggles to generate B2B sales for their software company would ideally focus on developing a blog post titled “how xyz solves abc” or “3 common misconceptions of using xyz” content that simply, answers a problem tends to generate higher conversion rates.

Once the blog has been created building a linkedin Sponsored content ad with a lead gen form would be the most efficient way to generate leads. This can be confusing, so ensure you engage an individual who understands the platform and related digital strategies.

Best lead gen social platform

3. Lower CPC (cost per click)

Due to the platforms young age and reduced user base (In comparison to Facebook or Instagram) Linkedin has less companies competing for the same click. This drives CPC down, and often generates more leads at lower costs, compared to similar social platforms.

Linkedin also doesn’t receive the same content saturation that Facebook does, for example an In-mail campaign on Linkedin sends only 1 In-mail to an individual user every 45 days.

Understanding platform bidding and how to most effectively position your Business to achieve the lowest CPC is crucial, and can often entail lengthy strategic and analytical sessions.

In essence using Linkedin for Business to Business marketing is currently the most cost effective method to generate more leads at lower costs. Understanding Linkedin’s advertising platform is crucial to how ads perform, and more specifically the results you receive!

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