4 Ways To Increase Your Ad Click-Through Rates

4 way to improve your ctr

4 Ways To Increase Your Ad Click-Through Rates

While organic marketing can lead to significant success in terms of increased traffic and conversions, complimenting it with paid advertising strategy can help you drive even more traffic, visibility, and sales.

The rate at which businesses are investing in paid advertising is the best indicator of its potential. Consider this: the global digital ad expenditure predicted to cross over $375 billion within the next two years.

One of the most effective ways to determine the success of your paid ad campaigns is by measuring your Click Through Rates (CTRs).

The concept behind CTR is rather straightforward; more clicks on your ads mean increased visitors to your site, and ultimately, more leads for your business. These leads are likely to be converted into sales, resulting in increased profits for your business.

Before delving into ways to improve your Ad CTR, let’s first briefly go through the various benefits of a good CTR.

The What and Why Of CTR

Simply put, CTR reveals how effective your paid ads are in pulling viewers to your site. It can be calculated by measuring the number of clicks that your website receives. The formula fairly simple:

(Total number of clicks/Total number of impressions)*100

Click-through rates (CTR) have a definite impact on your conversion rates – in fact, a good CTR can lead to 50% increased conversions.

Some other key benefits of a healthy CTR are:

· Higher Ad impression shares – the more often your ads appear to viewers, the more likely they are to visit your website

· Increased cost efficiency of Ads – higher engagement rates will get you more visibility and decrease your cost per click

· Better SEO – increased website traffic can make your site rank higher on search engines

Now that you know why it’s essential to work on your CTR, let’s figure out how to optimise your ads for more clicks.

Increasing Your Ad CTR Effectively

To see some major improvements in your click-through rates, the two areas you should focus on include ad targeting and content.

For example, your ads are only going to get clicks and conversions if they appeal to the right audience. If you choose the wrong targeting criteria, or apply misleading keywords, it won’t bring in quality leads.

Similarly, to drive a buying need in customers, your creative or ad copy needs to be of top-notch quality. The offer should be captivating enough to reel in the viewer, while also providing a quick brief of your products.

Here are some tips for increasing your Ad CTRs.

Excellent Quality Ad Copies

Viewers are attracted engaging, or otherwise attractive ads; a high CTR Ad generally talks to the audience and tells a story that resonates with them.

To be truly effective, your ad copies need to appeal to a particular cause that the consumer is partial to, and supports.

The first step in determining the type of content that appeals to your audience, is to analyze your own performance. Go through the Ads that already have a good CTR, and pick out the phrases, style and their overall tone.

Examine the design as well; was there a particular color scheme that attracted more visitors? Or perhaps, the font was more readable?

Also, try incorporating the following pointers:

· Create specific Ad groups for your products and services

· Use high-ranking keywords in the headlines

· Keep the text simple, concise and readable

· Use strong, compelling CTAs· Design with the viewer’s end goal in mind

Set Up Count Down Timers

It’s human nature to fear missing out on a good opportunity, often called FOMO (fear of missing out).

People are generally more motivated to make purchases due to FOMO, and this psychological technique can be a powerful means of boosting your CTR.

A count down serves as the perfect tool to develop this feeling in your audience. Take for example Clarks America; by using a countdown, they observed a massive 32% jump in their ad CTR.

If your audience thinks that they will not be able to available a certain deal if they don’t visit your site immediately, chances are that they will click on your ad.

It may sound like a simple little thing to implement, but try it out for yourself to see the significant effect it can have.

Add Keywords To Your URL

Considering how easy this one is, it’s a wonder more businesses don’t utilize it.

As per research by Wordstream, out of 580,000 ads, 33% did not have the same keywords in their URL.

Since your display URL is a part of your ad text, NEVER leave it blank. It is the best place to advertise your product or service on a small scale, and gives readers assurance that your website will contain the solution they are looking for.

Increase Visibility Through Review Extensions

This one comes straight from the giant’s mouth; in Creative That Clicks, Google mentions that businesses can increase their CTR by using ad extensions.

This is further backed by stats – a leading Israeli airline observed a 10% increase in CTR after testing review extensions.

Since most of us form opinions based on word of mouth, it makes sense for reviews to have an effect on your site’s traffic.

Positive reviews can do wonders for your brand visibility and trust. They encourage people to click your ads and make purchases; around 90% of customers claim that positive online reviews influence their purchase decisions.

CTR is not just useful for bringing in more traffic to your site; it can also help you analyse the overall ROI of your digital ad strategy, and help identify potential problems in your ad campaigns.

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