The Power Of Facebook Marketing

The Power Of Facebook Marketing

Businesses today must harness the power of social media marketing to engage their customers. If they aren’t on social media channels, they’re missing out on the opportunity to reach a significant chunk of their target market.

When it comes to harnessing the power of social media, few platforms stand out as much as Facebook. As the biggest social media platform out there, its marketing potential is arguably unprecedented.

Facebook has 2.45 billion monthly users, so rest assured that no matter what your industry or niche, a good chunk of your target audience is on that site.

It is quite possibly the most flexible social networking platform when it comes to fulfilling the marketing and advertising needs of your business. The exceptional algorithms can deliver stellar reach and recall for your brand, and you can raise the stakes even further with sponsored posts.

Figuring out when your target audience is on social media and how they use it can lead to meaningful interactions – plan your approach, engage your target audience and promote your products when the time comes, and Facebook will handle the rest.

Facebook Marketing Is Important For Your Business

It is one of the most powerful social media channels, as made evident by the fact that 60% of Australians are active Facebook users and 50% of the Australian population logs onto Facebook daily.

Let’s examine three benefits that make it stand out as a marketing platform for businesses.

Build Brand Awareness

People from all age groups and backgrounds use Facebook and the platform can segment them into your target audience based on demographics like age, gender, marital status, income bracket, as well as their interests and purchasing behaviours.

Facebook uses algorithms to ensure that people are shown content that provides value to them. Based on your segmentation criteria, Facebook helps you reach the right people from your target audience, i.e., those who’ve been looking for products and services that are similar to yours.

It won’t show your promotional content to people who won’t appreciate it.

Create content that engages users and helps cement your place in their minds. Videos are a great way to do just that as they help your audience retain more of the message than just text.

Take the example of L’Oréal Australia and how it used short videos to showcase products from its La Roche-Posay line. They created short and impactful videos, reinforcing the intended positioning of the products as “perfect for even the most sensitive skin.”

They used automatic ad placements for Facebook as well as Instagram to connect with their intended audience and added a call to action that led the audience to selected retailers where these products were available.

Increase Revenues And Generate Sales

Building brand awareness is not the only benefit of using Facebook marketing. You can add to your revenues by getting better sales from Facebook ads without spending much, compared to traditional marketing channels like print media, television and radio.

Get customer reviews that can help you gain visibility and establish credibility. People search for reviews and ratings on Facebook to see how credible a business is – it helps them decide whether to buy from them or not.

Also, establish a business page that helps you make the right impression with your target audience — post regular but meaningful updates on the page regarding your offers and new releases.

With a regularly updated business page, you can have the freedom to receive pre-orders and generate increased sales by redirecting your audience to your website.

You can also share blogs from your websites or social media posts that link back to your site. The business page on Facebook helps customers respond quickly to what you have to say – make sure your page is geared for conversions so you can increase your customer base.

Provide Stellar Customer Service And Support

Use Facebook for one-on-one interactions with your customers – get to know about the problems they face in finding or using your products.

Messenger bots can be helpful here if you set them up to instantly respond to customer interactions on Facebook. A customer representative can then pick up the conversation to find out the root of the problem.

Even if you don’t push content out daily, you can use these interactions with your customers to get valuable insights about your brand and also answers your customers’ most pressing questions.

Automated customer service bots can help you collect and arrange customer information that you would have to extract and compile on your own – this saves you time that’s better spent on more pressing issues.

Use Facebook Marketing To Achieve Your Objectives

Facebook is a very powerful channel for marketing your business.

While it’s true that the organic reach of the platform isn’t what it used to be, Facebook still offers marketers the best possible way to find and engage their target audiences online.

Here are a few techniques that you can use to optimize your Facebook campaigns and accomplish your marketing goals.

Make Sure The Target Market sees Your Ads

This has to do with the frequency of your Facebook ads i.e. the number of times your ad is seen by your target audience.

An ad is only useful if the target audience remembers it – this is possible when they see it more than once.

However, if they keep seeing your ads all over their Facebook feeds, they’ll likely get frustrated and stop paying attention. Your ad will be another victim of scroll speed, increasing your costs while reducing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

To maintain the delicate balance, place an ad frequency cap on the advertising report, and see how your costs are affected. With a bit of trial and error, find the optimum frequency for your ad campaigns and use Facebook to further your business goals.

Create An Engaging Sales Funnel

Your audience on Facebook is usually busy scrolling their feeds and making a mental note of who to buy from later.

So, engaging them in a sales funnel can do your business a lot more good than an intensive single-message ad campaign.

This funnel changes the way your target audience interacts with your page on Facebook – it includes several ad campaigns that bring your target audience closer to buying from you.

Video and text content can be beneficial in this case as long as they address your ideal customer. The right post can be the starting point for interactions between your business and the customer – keep monitoring this post for increased engagement (comments, likes, shares and views) till you reach your goals.

Also, build a video ad campaign to convert people who view at least a quarter of your video. This way, you can have warmer leads that are more likely to buy from you because they have been exposed to your messaging.

Placement Counts So Do It Wisely

Facebook and Instagram ads can both be edited on Facebook. This is great because you can display the same ad on Instagram (after a few minor tweaks, of course) as well.

But do this only if you’re certain that your target audience uses both Instagram and Facebook – otherwise, the effectiveness of your ad will drop considerably.

Try automatic placements or edit placements depending on your campaign. Automatic placements display your ads everywhere your target audiences are likely to be, whereas edit placements allow you to limit the reach depending on your campaign.

Another option is using messenger ads for boosting traffic and conversion – these offer a personalized feel to your Facebook ads and make your customers feel valued (addressing them by their name when introducing your offer).

Choose Bidding Options Carefully

Facebook ads are run like an auction. The best ad is chosen by Facebook based on performance and bid amount and displayed to the target audience.

Let’s say you’re running a campaign based on conversions – you can choose to pay for conversions, link clicks or page views. Conversions are a popular bidding option because you’re paying for the buyers that you get.

For smaller budgets, choose the option to “optimize for clicks till Facebook has sufficient conversion data.”

If you need more visitors to your blog, optimize for engagement.

There are two bid strategy options that you can choose from – lowest cost and target cost. For new users and competitive products, lowest cost bid options allow a higher return on ad spend; the varying bids will level off your ad spend so you don’t end up paying too much for your Facebook Ad campaign.


Know that there’s intense competition and you must stand out so your marketing message can be heard above everyone else’s – Facebook’s home to more than 7 million advertisers so you’ll have to bring your top game.

If you want to ensure the success of your Facebook marketing efforts, you have to be helpful above all else.

Thankfully, the marketing and advertising tools offered by Facebook can help you build an authentic relationship with your prospects. The analytics tools alone are a great way to understand the needs of your target audience.

Don’t forget to use the unlimited multimedia content options available with Facebook when creating content for your followers and get creative with the way your marketing message is delivered.

Then, use Page Insights to see which kind of content gets the most reactions, comments and views – and which one annoys your followers and fails to get any response from them.

With Facebook, your prospects have practically given you permission to reach them and sell to them. Use this opportunity to your advantage by ensuring that you take advantage of this wealth of information to the best of your ability. When you’re aware of exactly how and why you can benefit from Facebook ads and content, you can reach your customers and grow your business better with the correct optimizations in place.

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