Social media marketing

Expanded text Ads are comparable to the text ads you are accustomed to, with a few important modifications. There are three headline fields in ETAs. The first two fields are mandatory, while the third is […]

Are you running an E-commerce website and selling goods online? If the answer is yes, you’re probably familiar with Google Shopping. Google Shopping essentially allows users to search and navigate through products on online shopping

Marketing is full of buzzwords. If you’ve spent some time looking at digital marketing content and companies, you’ll come across numerous marketing jargon and terminology. One such term is what’s known as a ‘Marketing Funnel’.

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? There’s something special about treating yourself to a burrito, maybe a taco or even some traditional chips n salsa. While Mexican food carries with it a rich heritage; bringing over

If there’s one word synonymous with the internet, it’s Google. What started as a search engine has evolved into one of the most influential software companies in the world. With an ownership of 90-95% of

When we think of social media apps, the usual names that pop up are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Maybe after 2020, TikTok joins the ranks. However, not many people talk about LinkedIn as much

To say that Facebook has revolutionised the way people interact with one another, would be a gross understatement. Facebook started off as a platform for sharing photos, videos and messaging to connect loved ones. Today,

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