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The perfect addition to any outbound strategy. Our telemarketing, B2B Lead generation and appointment setting is a great way to run a Highly targeted campaign. Our experienced team operates out of Sydney and utilises our international partners to cleanse data and digitally prospect.


I want more Sales. Leads. Website traffic. Brand awareness.

We partner with our clients to deliver high quality Local telemarketing, Appointment setting and telesales services. Our highly experienced calling team operates from Sydney, and has an immense array of experience operating across B2B and B2C campaigns.

100% transparency

Our on-demand reporting system allows for our clients to see regular updates on the progress of their Telemarketing campaigns. It offers them 100% visibility into which agents are working on their campaign and how the agents are performing.

All calls are local

Australian Based Team

Our talented sales, telemarketing and appointment setting team operates out of Sydney. They focus on generating new business through scripted phone conversations.

Philippines Based Team

Our Philippines based team focuses on prospecting, and data cleansing. The Philippines team supports the Australian team, and provides telemarketing services throughout the APAC region.

Case Study

We Generated 1000+ Sales Qualified Leads For RJM Plant.​

1. Prospecting

Our global teams work together to prospect and clean data for our clients. Although not always required for some clients this is a crucial step.

2. Initial contact

First impressions are Important! Our Highly skilled Australian based team makes first contact, focusing on identifying interest & intent, through a range of sales strategies.

3. Follow up/Handover

The Follow-up/Handover stage is vital in the success of any call based campaign. Our team utilises a mixture of additional phone and email contact, once a prospect is “warm” they are passed onto you or your sales team.


1000 Contacts

2000 Contacts

Pay Per Lead


We focus on Quality NOT Quantity. Our Telemarketing team is extremely skilled and capable of delivering a HUGE amount of leads in a short period of time. This isn’t some get rich scheme, our agents soar through the rejection to GROW your Business. Before getting started it’s vital that you have the available resources to deal with a Colossal flood of leads NOW!


“They stand out because of their transparency…”

Case Study


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