sales call

If there’s one thing synonymous with Marketers, it’s their ability to make and close a sale. Of the many ways Marketers may choose to engage with customers, one of the most traditional methods is cold […]

If someone were to ask you to picture an inside sales representative, your first impression might be a charming individual, carrying a cross-body bag and who is good with words. Alternatively, you might think of

In 1873, John H. Patterson, founder of NCR Corporation published the world’s first sales training manual. Patterson laid the foundation for sales by documenting his work on the process of ‘cold calling’. From then on,

If you work for a Marketing company, chances are you’re familiar with the term ‘Telemarketing’. If you’ve ever worked as or with Telemarketers, chances are you may have come across one or more of these

Good ol’ Telemarketing. One of the founding fathers of ad practices in business. If you’ve been on the receiving end of such a call, you would probably agree that most of them can get quite

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